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Food & Agribusiness.

The Food & Agribusiness sector is an important part of the Australian economy economy and makes a significant contribution to the economies of regional areas through employment, business and service opportunities.  Australia's Food & Agribusiness sector includes food-related agricultural production, food processing and the major inputs to these activities.  It can be divided into two subsectors:

  • food products including all processing and beverage manufacturing, as well as key inputs to the sub-sector; and

  • agribusiness including all agriculture that relates directly to food production as well as key inputs to the subsector.

  • The Food & Agribusiness sector also relates to technology applied to water management, water saving and re-use projects.

If your technology applies to the food & agribusiness sector, please select this category.

*2020 Food & Agribusiness Winner: Farmbot (NSW)

*2019 Food & Agribusiness Winner: InFarm (QLD)

2021 Sponsor of the Food & Agribusiness Award
FIAL - The Food and Agribusiness Growth
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