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Anatomics at home in Melbourne

Hayley Ward is the Commercial Operations Manager at Melbourne-based Anatomics, an Australian owned manufacturer of custom quality surgical devices. Anatomics is a company of experienced and dedicated team members that strive to enable better surgical outcomes through continuous improvement, technological innovation and collaboration to make surgical procedures more effective for their partners and patients. In 2018, Anatomics was a finalist in the Australian Technologies Competition under the category of Medtech & Pharma.

We asked Hayley, what makes Victoria a great state for tech, innovation and business? "Victoria is a great state for tech, innovation and business as it is a great hub for small businesses to connect and collaborate. We are lucky to have numerous conferences and events held here, which allows us to network and collaborate with like-minded companies and people."

What makes the Australian Technologies Competition a great platform for innovative companies like yours? "The Competition provides opportunities and exposure to such a wide range of Australian innovation. It brings together a diverse range of industries and people through networking events and communications."

For more information about Anatomics, visit their website here.

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