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Capricorn Power paving the way for a renewable future

In 2018, Victoria's Capricorn Power took home the winning trophy for the Australian Technologies Competition New Energy Award.

Over the past six months, Capricorn Power achieved a number of milestones - from signing an MOU with an ASX listed company, developing a bioenergy project and hiring new staff, bringing their total headcount to 20.

We caught up with Mike Hodgkinson, Capricorn Power's CEO for a brief check in.

Mike, for those that don't know Capricorn Power, describe the business: "Capricorn is taking a problematic waste stream (combustible, dry organic matter) and creating valuable resources including electricity, heating, and biochar. We are operating in the space of renewables and environment."

Capricorn Power is based in Geelong. What makes Victoria a great state for tech, innovation and business? "Not only is Victoria home to numerous world-renowned universities and cutting-edge companies, but it also has one of the most supportive communities in the start-up world. We have found that so many companies in Victoria are trying to solve some of the world's most pressing issues."

You're part of the Australian Technologies Competition alumni. Tell us what you liked about the program... "We were able to connect with like-minded individuals and other organisations that are as passionate about innovating and driving progress as we are." 

To learn more about Capricorn Power, visit:

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