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Kurt Alexander, Founder of safety compliance app Quick Safety, talks about what's in store for 2019

Quick Safety Founder, Kurt Alexander (pictured left)

For those that don’t know about your business, please describe who you are and what you do.

Quick Safety was developed to ensure every person knows that their electrical jobs are safe!

We do this by providing electricians with an app that validates their test results, while giving others a visual indicator of pass or fail. This removes the risk from all parties and makes a completely transparent system that is certified to the Australian Electrical Standards.

Our long-term goal is to become the compliance specialists globally. Covering ANY compliance industry.

Who are your customers and where are they located?

They are anyone from residential homeowners to corporate building owners, to electrical contractors to construction sites, State Government, to Mining and Oil & Gas companies.

Our current customers are located in Australia and New Zealand.

What are your primary business objectives for this year?

  • Scale across Australia and New Zealand

  • Complete the business team (8-10 people)

  • Enter the mining and Oil & Gas Industries

  • Start our exploration into EU

The fact that founders of scaleups are required to be across all aspects of their business - IP, administration, business development, production, marketing, etc can be quite the juggling act. If you could wave a magic wand and take away one or two stress points from your business, what would they be?

  • Administration

  • Legal

The mission of the Australian Technologies Competition is to spotlight and mentor technology-based scaleups with the greatest global potential. In terms of commercialising your technology outside of Australia, where are you at or where do you want to be?

Currently taking our product across Australia and New Zealand (AS/NZS Standards are the same), then to EU, Africa, EAU and the UK. EU will be started by end of 2019.

What type of information/resources/partnerships do you think would be most valuable towards helping you enter foreign markets?

Previous startups who have successfully achieved this (Redeye), TIQ, Local business specialists (Exportia), and State & Federal Government financial support for growth.

As entrepreneurs, who or what do you refer to for guidance, information and inspiration?

  • Other founders who are successful

  • Training events at various startup hubs

  • My Advisory Council

If you could spend the day with any five people in the world and ask them a host of questions, who would they be and why?

  • Gary Vaynerchuk – Brilliant start-up development mind

  • Wayne Gerrard – Excellent person at executing plans

  • Wez Hone – Inspiration, concepts and execution

Having been through the Australian Technologies Competition, there is a level of camaraderie and understanding that you share with fellow peers. How important is it to businesses like yours to develop and maintain relationships with fellow SMEs and entrepreneurs?

Vital! There is so much synergy between companies that are truly in this world to promote and advance each other and to network together. Together we can achieve FAR more than we can alone.

For those participating in this year’s Competition, what would you say was the most valuable takeaway from the Competition?

Put the time into it, stay focused, be willing to learn and make it a priority!

As an entrepreneur, what quote helps you stay motivated and inspired?

Implement today, what will help you tomorrow.

For more about Quick Safety, visit:

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