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Top tips to ace your entry

Tips to make your entry stand out in front of the Judges

Our esteemed panel of Judges reviewed close to 200 entries last year, shortlisting 34 semi finalists. As the Australian Technologies Competition welcomes entries for 2019, it's important for entrants to give themselves the best possible chance of being noticed.

How can you stand out from the crowd, describe the unique value of your technology and illustrate why it has global potential?....

Here are a few tips from the Judges to help you ace your entry:

1. Define the problem and explain why your technology is the solution using simple terminology. Our Judges are experts in a number of fields, but maybe not be in yours. Don’t use technical jargon or phrases that only people in your industry would understand.

2. Describe your technology to someone under the age of 10. If children can understand what your technology does, most people will. Refine your message until it’s clear, concise and understood by the everyday person in the street.

3. Put thought into your responses. For example, if the question asks: ‘who will buy your solution and why?’, don’t give a one line reply. Answer each question with the right amount of detail.

A reminder, entrants have until 20 May 2019 to submit their entries. It's free to enter and submissions can be made online in less than 15 minutes.

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