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Alistair Coulstock

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Director, Action Sustainability

Alistair is a leading expert on the subject of sustainability, and director at Action Sustainability Asia Pacific. His expertise spans both sustainable organisational change and sustainability in the built environment. His recently published book ‘The Conscious business – How to achieve Purpose with Profit’ focuses on assisting businesses through the transition of from having a single focus on money and profit, to a more purpose-driven organisation.

Alistair’s property and infrastructure experience spans strategy, design and engineering in outdoor spaces, buildings, towns and cities. He has significant experience developing and facilitating leading edge sustainable outcomes for many clients. Alistair has an inherent talent for understanding the importance of creating places for people whilst keeping front of mind our reliance on the environment.

For almost 20 years Alistair has focused his efforts on professional projects across the world, assisting clients achieve world leading status in sustainability. During this time, he has raised compelling arguments for change, both in business and in our built environment.

He has also worked with cross sector ventures to develop and implement strategies for delivering sustainable focused projects for developing countries.

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