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Jo Mikleus

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NED, RegTech

Jo is a growth-focused and customer-orientated C-Suite executive with over 30 years of experience in business and financial services.


Across a diverse career in public, private and PE-backed companies she has developed a track record of innovating and successfully leading people through structural, technology, social and regulatory change. 

As an EGM at Latitude, she led the strategic review and recently orchestrated the sale of its insurance business. She originally joined the organisation in 2019 as Chief Risk Officer with a mandate to bring risk innovation to the function. Prior experience includes being the CEO of fast-growing data firm RUBIX., and leading a range of large businesses at ANZ. She is a co-founder of the machine learning company CorticAi. 

Her current directorships include Yondr Money, CorticAi and The RegTech Association. She is an advisor to several digital, female-led businesses. 

Jo passionately advocates for customer-design-thinking, disruptive innovation, leadership, culture and inclusion.

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