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Medtech & Pharma.

Pharmaceuticals and health technologies are knowledge-based, technology-intensive industries that are uniquely placed to develop and commercialise the outcomes of Australia’s long term investment in medical research.


A medical device or technology is any article, including software, intended to be used by humans for the diagnosis, prevention, monitoring or treatment of a disease, injury or physiological process. This includes products such as complex capital equipment (including operating theatre equipment and diagnostic imaging equipment such as x-ray machines and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners), high-tech advanced devices (such as ear implants, artificial hearts and other implantable devices); simple, low-risk devices (such as bandages and walking sticks); and diagnostic devices such as in vitro diagnostic test kits.


The Australian pharmaceuticals industry comprises bio-medical research, biotechnology firms, originator and generic medicines companies and service-related segments including wholesaling and distribution. If your technology applies to the medtech or pharmaceutical sector, please select this category.

*2020 Medtech & Pharma Winner: Electrogenics (NSW)

*2019 Medtech & Pharma Winner: Tournicare (VIC)

2021 Sponsor of the Medtech & Pharma Award
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