Saurabh Mishra


Saurabh Mishra is a serial entrepreneur.  He has co-founded five e-health business ventures since 2000, of which three (eClinic, SamplesPlus and PalCare) were bought by some of the largest healthcare businesses in Australia between 2009-2010. The fourth (Healthnotes, founded in 2010) was bought in 2016 by ASX-listed company, MedAdvisor (ASX: MDR).

Sauranh is presently the CEO of MedAdvisor's joint venture with Zuellig Pharma, servicing the Asia-Pacific region. His fifth e-health venture, Imageryworks, is pioneering new ways to bring authentic meditation and mindfulness practices into mainstream therapeutic settings.

His book "My Wednesdays - From Death to Life" was published by Wilkinson Publishing in 2019. It combines stories of his twelve years as a volunteer for a community palliative care organisation, with teachings from some of the world's great spiritual traditions on how to live well, and indeed die well. 

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