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Sylvia Tulloch

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Sylvia Tulloch

Sylvia Tulloch is a materials scientist with many years experience in establishment and management of advanced technology business, and a particular interest in the commercialisation process.

She was the founding MD of Dyesol (ASX.DYE), a company established to commercialise R&D into 3rd generation solar technology. Other ASX roles included Chairman of Ecoquest Limited, now Cynata (CYP), and a recent appointment as Chairman of Metalsearch (MSE).

Companies in which Sylvia is a shareholder, angel investor and Director include Lava Blue, an advanced materials company with a mine-to market business plan for high purity minerals, Balance Mat, commercialising fibre optic sensor systems for measuring balance, Uniflow Power, commercialising biomass fuelled electricity generators, and Sundrive Solar, developing copper conductor systems for photovoltaics.


As Chair of Griffin Accelerator Holdings and a member of the CBRIN Board, she is an active member of the Canberra innovation ecosystem.

Sylvia has been on the Boards of several Cleantech industry associations. She was a member of the Future Manufacturing Industries Innovation Council. She is Chair of the ACT Renewable Energy Innovation Fund Business Advisory Board.

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